34 years of Haunting 2019

​The Haunted Graveyard began as a small display in 1986,
starting out with only a pumpkin patch and three gravestones.

Designer and creator Chris Birkett’s enthusiasm for Halloween grew as his mother's stories of Halloween in the 50's inspired him. 

The next year Birkett built a moving gravestone.   Breaking new ground, the opening and closing coffin was resurrected . After Halloween 2001, the old haunted graveyard was put to rest.

In November of 2001, Chris Birkett and cousin Shawn Silberblatt designed a display called "The Haunted Graveyard presents Halloween Town".

Halloween Town is in the movie "The Nightmare before Christmas” directed by Tim Burton.

Birkett created illusions, air compressed grave jumpers, flickering candlelight and animated figures all run by computers. 

2008  "The MANSION"
2009  "Madame Leota"
2010 "The Endless Mine Shaft"
2014 "Walk Into The Light..."
2015 "All Will Fear Door 13"

2016 "The Fear You Hear"

2017"Your Feelings Will Haunt You"

​Haunted Graveyard Arizona